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Email: bobbie@casalavida.com

Address: Mision de Santo Tomas #2738

San Felipe, Baja California, Mx


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For reservations or information:

     US:  800-334-3345 or 619-446-7433

     MX:   686-577-2807

How do I get to San Felipe?

San Felipe is located about 125 miles from Mexicali, Mexico.  If you are flying, San Diego is the best airport, and then it is a four to five  hour car trip from San Diego to San Felipe, taking I-8 to Hwy 111, following the signs to Calexico.  The main street (Hwy 111) will take you across the border.  We suggest you fill your gas tank to be on the safe side.  There are several gas stations in Mexicali and San Felipe, but none in between!  Once across, take the first right fork (about a half block left of the border) and follow the signs to San Felipe - there are about 3 as you go through town.  If you pass a Home Depot on your right and a Costco on the left as you are driving through Mexicali, you are on the right road.  The drive from Mexicali is 2 1/2 hours if you drive about 70 after getting out of Mexicali.  You will go through a military checkpoint about a half hour before you arrive in San Felipe.  They will ask where you are coming from, where you are going.

When in San Felipe, how do I find Casa La Vida?

Casa La Vida is located about two miles south of the main portion of San Felipe.  When you come past the arches that are the entry to San Felipe, stay on the main road until you reach the "glorieta" (circle).  This is also known as the Island of Trees and contains a "Bienvenidos a San Felipe" sign.  Turn right at the glorieta, which is Mar de Caribe, or also known as Airport Road.    You will pass a Chevron station, keep coming and 1.1 mile past that is a new OXXO store - a big yellow, red and white sign high in the air. At that corner, turn left, come one block and turn right at the corner.  Casa La Vida will be up the hill about a half block, and on your left, with a smiling sun greeting you from the entry, a fountain out front, and most noticeable, our Casa La Vida logo painted on our garage door.  We are the third house on the left.  We also have three palms out front that are lit at night. (Note: If  lost, ask directions for Playa Club. We are directly above their swimming pool area.)

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